Frequently Asked Questions :

The average manufacturing cost is between CAD 5,500 $ and CAD 6,000 $ *. The actual price will be established upon approval of black and white drawing;

* Our costs are relative to each project. This cost is the average cost for a quality custom mascot costume that includes a head with neck that can rotate, a body, arms with hands, legs, and feet. Additional fees may be necessary for any other model that requires our team to do development before/during your project.

Shipping costs are included for some areas in Quebec City and around. We would be pleased to provide you a quote, in accordance to your specific address;

A mascot costume takes around 8 to 12 weeks to produce, after the color drawing’s approval. If the colors or materials requested are not available, delays may be increased, if special orders were necessary. You would evidently be informed a such.

Yes, as long as you own the reproduction rights. If this is not the case, we could not carry out your project. We could however, offer you some alternatives with drawings. Based on your proposed sketch.

Also, it is possible that your sketch is not quite right in its dimensions to allow your performer to put on the costume. We will send a drawing, and we will advise you during the manufacturing process so that the suit will be the most efficient possible while respecting the original design.

It is relative to the time you spend to maintain your costume, and the frequency of activities planned on the schedule of your mascot. We can (or will) provide you with a maintenance guide, or you can let us take care of your suit, with regular cleanings. A well-kept costume will sustain  keeps its youthful look longer.

If the structure of the head is still in good condition, and this is often the case even after a few years, we can change the clothes, (material) produce a new body, and replace the head covering and eyes. In the end, your mascot will look brand new, and its life will last longer.