Créations Animation Mascottes offers complete, or partial, management of your mascot costume.

Let our team manage your marketing tool with confidence; it is about improving your investment! A mascot costume represents 50% of your visibility; the other 50% is due to the work of the performer! A good animation makes all the difference!

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The all-inclusive service allows you to book your mascot performer, or send the suit to another branch, simply by sending us the available form online, which takes only a few minutes to complete.

We take care of everything else: management of the mascot agenda, booking of the performer, transport of the costume to the event site, animation, and return of the suit to our office, for cleaning and storage.

Our professional performers are all trained and respect the codes of professional ethics of the art of animating a mascot. Almost anyone can put on a mascot costume, but when it’s time to bring it to life, it can be a big challenge.

Our performers know how to behave with each type of people (child, adult, senior, etc.) and will quickly adapt their animation according to the age group but also according to the kind of event for which his service is required (conference press, hockey game, grocery store animation, etc.).